Employment Opportunities

Current Openings:   (RED)

-  Administration

          Administrative Director

          Educational Director

          Family Child Care Director

          Site Director


-  Support Staff

          Assistant Bookkeeper

          Family Child Care Coordinator

          Family Child Care Assistant

          Family Worker Coordinator 

          Family Worker

          Helper (Administrative Assistant)


-  Pedegogical 

       Group (Lead ) Teacher

       Substitute Teacher

       Assistant Teacher

       Sub- Assistant Teacher

       Teacher's Aide


-  Culinary

         Head Cook

         Assistant Cook


         Sub- Helper


-  Custodial Staff


          Sub- Custodian


Blanche is an equal opportunity employer.   Applicants of all racial, religious, social persuasions and physical capabilities are welcomed.  

-   Submission of required educational credentials, personal/ professional referrences are required prior to the interview process.  

-   NYS mandates that successful candidates have a background check prior to receiving a job appointment.

To submit an application: